Land Owner Services

Unfortunately the acquisition of a private wildlife property does not come with an automatic knowledge and understanding of its rich and complex environmental content. It takes an enormous amount of time, effort and investment in order to get to a position which allows you to begin extracting the wondrous enrichment that this knowledge affords you. Everything is meaningful once you have a decent working knowledge of your natural surroundings.

The services and training the I offer will help you bridge this gap and run and maintain your property as it should be.
I have 3 different packages to meet your needs:

Land-owner Field Training

Tailored courses on the identification, knowledge advancement and appreciation of all forms of wildlife and their associated behaviour and interrelationships – from basic through to advanced.

Land-owner Camp Staff Training

Camp attendants are generally called upon or expected to perform only the most basic of duties: Washing vehicles, sweeping and cleaning, making fires, and simple room servicing. You wish you had time to train them to the next level of service provision

Land-owner Camp Preparation and provisioning

When it comes to visiting your private camp far too many precious hours of relaxation and enjoyment are often stolen from you as a result of provisioning, packing, unpacking, sorting, fixing and fretting