Private Guiding

Alan Yeowart’s services as your Private Guide will ensure your comfort, care and safety, as well as the spontaneous and dynamic scheduling of activities around your own needs and interests as you visit several safari properties.

The quality and or ability of your safari guide is likely to be the single most important element contributing to the success or failure of a Safari vacation. Each individual safari destination is likely to have their own resident guides who might offer perfectly adequate field experiences, but the chances of ticking all the boxes across a multi-destination safari experience is highly unlikely.

It is typical that clients arriving from or moving to another safari destination will usually waste at least one day (or even a valuable portion thereof) in playing the staff and the experience off against that which was previously exposed. Getting to know a new guide; listening to his or her interpretations, perhaps being subjected to repetition and conflicting opinions and ideologies. Once you get paired with a guide who offers a sub-par experience that leg of the safari is essentially written off.

Employing the services of a Private Guide will mean that you can enjoy the entire safari without leaving it to chance. Your hand-picked guide and host will be accompanying you through a huge variety of wildlife experiences, spanning a combination of different lodges, ecosystems and perhaps even countries. In such your safari experience becomes a compounding one, molded around your specific interests, likes and dislikes. Instead of starting from scratch at each successive property that you visit, the continuity will be maintained from one safari to the next, building upon each experience and tying together past sightings and interpretations, allowing you to extract significantly more depth, understanding and appreciation.

As your Private Guide, I can ...
  • Be part of your Safari from as early as the planning phases, being able to offer expert advice on pro’s and con’s of the different times of the year, or the potential highlights that may be experienced during the various seasons.
  • Preparations such as photographic equipment (and the use thereof); clothing and equipment to ensure that you are adequately prepared for your trip
  • Advice on additions to your itinerary
  • Forward planning according to special requests
  • Advice on any reading material that may augment your trip and enhance your experience

Basically ensure that any questions you might have are answered.

In addition to these services I am also able to cater towards Specialist Guide requirements – these might include any specific areas of interest that you may have, for example, specialist Photographic Safaris which may include photo-crit sessions as required in order to maximize results and offer advice on techniques and camera functions; equipment sourced upon demand. Other specialist needs may include Big Game Walking Safaris; Birding; Flora and Ethnobotany; Tracking; basically any Specialist needs that you may have. These specialized safari requirements may even extend to the special needs of children whilst on safari, and the provision of a wildlife experience that caters towards this. (see/link Children’s Wilderness Adventure Camps)

Included in the Private Guide package will be a personalized folder incorporating pictures and a journal of your trip, ensuring that you are fully represented within your Safari Memories, and that you have an all-encompassing record of your experience.