Emerging Game Rangers and Children's Wilderness Adventure Courses

Bushwillow Youth Nature Training and Wilderness Adventure Courses offer the unique opportunity for children to spend seven days living in a South African Private Game Reserve, learning about Nature and b enjoying all of the adventure and experiences that only this privileged exposure imparts.

In a world where our natural wildlife areas are rapidly dwindling under the consumptive pressures that human development is placing upon them, it is becoming not simply an option, but rather an obligation and responsibility that the curators of this heritage have first-hand exposure to it so as to engender a tangible association with what is truly wonderful about the Great Outdoors of Africa and its associated wildlife.
The emphasis of the courses is to get back to basics….

Seedling Course

The “Seedlings” is a four night experience aimed at children from the ages of 7 to 13, and offers an opportunity to be enjoyed as a Parent & Child experience, especially for the younger kids. Criteria regarding guardianship requirements will be handled on an individual basis. It is recommended that unless a child is part of a group booking where they are accompanied by a close and trusted mutual guardian, that a parent accompanies them.

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Youth Courses (Grade 8 to 11, ages 13 to 17) includes

  • Undertaken on an open Land Rover where animals are viewed up-close and learnt about, presenting the most effective method of observing and interpreting animal behaviour.

Game walks
  • Ranging from general Nature appreciation and exposure, to tracking and approaching big game on foot.

Back-pack trail
  • Navigating to various supply drop-off points, ending in a “rough” camp out night in the bush, sleeping on a thin mattress under the vast African night sky. Skills such as navigation and learning to use a map and compass are developed, as well as finding direction by using Nature’s orientation methods.

  • Basic Track & Sign recognition and skills related to tracking big game.

“Bush lane”
  • A simulated sequence involving how to deal with potentially dangerous game on foot in a contact situation - walking through the bush, armed with a pellet gun/paint-ball gun and encountering hidden targets that simulate an engagement with a dangerous animal, and how you deal with it!

Wildlife knowledge development activities – students divided into teams
  • Birding Competition (“Big Birding Day” – 12 hrs)
  • Plant I.D Competition
  • Arthropod collection and I.D
  • Frogging session (collection and I.D)

  • Making fire in five different ways
  • Making tools and rope from bark and branches
  • Finding and accessing water in the bush

  • Learning techniques and guidelines on the safe and effective use of a rifle (air-rifles) and a compound bow-and-arrow

Reptile course (**optional extra)
  • Undertaken through a local Reptile park - Learning about snakes, spiders and scorpions

Animal rehabilitation centre (**optional extra)
  • Visiting a nearby centre where an opportunity is presented to observe some of the more secretive or critically endangered species and be exposed to the arena of human-animal conflict, and what might be done to make a positive contribution to conservation and wildlife rehabilitation

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